Wednesday, October 14, 2015

31 Moments in Time :: in search of the honey pot

I have a confessions... I have a dish obsession.  Not just any dishes, well okay, almost all dishes but primarily old white dishes.  I see them and I can't resist stopping to look.  I day dream about ones I hope to find in my endless white dish search so that I can add to my collection.  I find a soup tureen or a primitive pitcher and in that moment I think, there, now that portion of my collection is complete, until my next forage and I find another. My collection is small compared to some I have seen and I have always vowed that I would limit it to the size of my cabinet but the cabinet it nearing full, well okay, it's full, and I know I will need a plan B. I'm a hopeless, and happy about it, addict. Which is my favorite piece? I can not answer. They are almost all my favorites. My most used piece... gasp! yes I use them, is the extra large white bowl with the blue rim. It holds a batch of kettle corn perfectly. This is by far and away the best bowl in the world.  I bought it at Goodwill and it had a price of $4.99 on it.  When I got to the counter to pay the clerk said, "You know it has a little chip in the rim don't you?" "Yes, I do.", was my reply.  She said, "Well, we're not allowed to sell dishes with chips in them."  The look on my face must have been one of absolute horror because she quickly followed it up with a, "But if you really want it I can let you have it for half off." She had know idea that I would have bought that bowl as is for $10!  It is honestly the best $2.50 I have ever spent.

I have another, smaller more controlled obsession, still in the dish category of course... cookie jars.  This collection was brought about as the result of a trip to Crescent Bakery. Inside their quaint little shop in the heart of Frankfort is not only the most wonderful aromas filled with all the good memories you can remember, but a shelf along the ceiling that spans the perimeter of the room, and it is filled to the brim with cookie jars.  As Dave and I waited for our Cubans, (they have a Cuban sandwich as good as you can get in Ibor City) I studied those jars and thought about what a collection might look like if I chose to start one.  I knew I didn't want the goose or the cow but I would surely take the old worn pig.  That night I went to visit my mom and she happened to be in the garage and there on the shelf was the most unique goldfish cookie jar.  I took it as a sign and asked if I could have it, it began.  The collection is small because the space is small but there is room for growth if the right ones come along. By the way, stop in at Crescent, get anything, it's all good, and be sure to take home a soft pretzel for later, you won't regret it.

Now as if this isn't enough, I got sweet on honey pots at a store down by Bear Lake called Wee Bee Jammin. Before Dave and I took our little adventure south to this treasure trove of Michigan made, yummy, crafty, goodness in a store, I didn't even know honey pots existed! They are so cute and adorable, and little... little is good since I'm sure Dave is thinking it's time to call in a Hoarders intervention. I will just remind him that he bought me the first one, he started it. The other good thing besides their petiteness is they are hard to find. I search and search for these delightful, yet elusive honey pots and most of the time I come up empty handed.  It has taken me several months to acquire 4. On the downside, or is it an upside, it makes me search that much harder.  

For those of you who have never been bitten by the collection bug, you have no idea what I mean.  You actually stopped reading 2 paragraphs ago and clicked on to something else, but for those of you who are still with me on this, you know that the thrill is in the hunt and to find a treasure is, well... like a bear in a bee hive... pure, sweet delight!

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