Thursday, October 1, 2015

31 Moments in Time :: write 31 days

I came across a delicious little writing challenge called write 31 days. The idea is to spend 31 days writing about a topic. I thought to myself, "Really, 31 days on the same subject?" I am about as overwhelmed as I could be right now and I'm not sure I could spend 31 days talking about the same thing. Then I thought about how writing and photography are two of my very favorite things so why not join them together and talk about the photos. It's the same subject right? I could not resist. I hope you will join me as I venture to give you a transparent look at me and my life for the next 31 days via words and photos.  

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Day 3 ::  recording my life

Day 4 ::  skin comfort

Day 5 ::  off point on point

Day 6 ::  in the kitchen

Day 7 ::  press on

Day 8 ::  press on part 2

Day 9 ::  cookie run

Day 10 ::  the front porch

Day 11 ::  the day of rest

Day 13 ::  the road home

Day 15 ::  seasons change

Day 16 ::  going the distance

Day 17 ::  Jesus my Captain

Day 19 ::  too much

Day 21 ::  no excuse

Day 22 ::  kind

Day 23 ::  in your presence

Day 24 ::

Day 25 ::  the Sunday walk

Day 26 ::  animal behavior